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We are a bonded group of food enthusiasts, design fanatics, tech fans, and creative thinkers that try to challenge the status quo in the restaurant industry on a daily basis. We hope to do this while inspiring restaurateurs to take their restaurants’ experience to the next level and in their own hands. It’s not about where you come from or what beliefs you bring with you. It’s about sharing the same values as us and being in line with our vision, mission, and purpose. Together we push towards a brighter future for the restaurant industry. Appetite to join our mission?


Restaurants have become real value online brands, and restaurateurs will be inspired to deliver the same perfect experience online as they already do offline.


Help restaurants succeed online



• Have a strong vision • Challenge the status quo • Lead, don’t follow


• Understand restaurant challenges • Work as a team • Aim to make the world better

Good Taste

• Design makes a difference • Quality over quantity • Love things that look good, feel good, and taste good


Become the #1 recommended commerce platform for restaurants.