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Sustainability 💚

We are working on reducing our carbon footprint and being as energy efficient as possible. To do so, we have set several guidelines to help us achieve this. We also created company perks to encourage healthy, sustainable living during and after working hours.  

As eager lovers of tasty food, we call ourselves lucky with Roel, our company chef. He cooks all our meals with the 80/20 principle and a zero waste policy in mind, focusing on delicious plant-based dishes. When we do serve meat and fish, we always strive for it to be organic and sustainable. For refreshments, we enjoy ice-cold tap water and use recyclable bottles for soda.

Everyone at Formitable either bikes to work (we offer a Swap bike to everyone who needs one) or uses public transport. No cars, no kilometer expense. And we aim to do all our sales and service activities online. This reduces a lot of travel costs. At the office, we separate our waste, are careful with our heating and energy, and only print documents when necessary.